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Established 1968 - showing in the centre of Australia for more than 40 years

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The club would like to thank fluccs - The Australian Cloud for hosting this website.  Please consider supporting our sponsors if you are considering hosting services and managed infrastructure.

2021 Membership

Please note the club's membership year is from January to December each year.  Therefore, if you have not paid membership this calendar year, your membership is now due for 2021 in order to take advantage of members' rates!    New members must also pay a $10 Joining Fee.  A new member is one who was not a member last year.  Please pay the correct amount to ensure a trouble-free transaction.

Membership can be paid directly into the ASK&DSC bank account, see below for details.  Alternatively, membership can be paid online along with entries via Show Manager, please read the information below regarding online entries.

Membership Form

Click the link below to open the Club's membership form.  Complete the form and if you are able to scan the completed form, you can return it to the club by email and pay your membership directly into the Club's bank account.  Alternately mail the form and payment to Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club, PO Box 4482, AliceSprings  NT  0871.  Remember, electronic payments never get lost and there is never any question as to whether or not you have paid!

Membership Form  PDF file

Types of Membership & Fees

Joining Fee (for new members, see definition above):  $10.00
Single:  $30.00
Dual:  $35.00
Family:  $40.00
Associate:  $15.00 (Cannot hold office/vote, nor enter events at members' discounted rates)
Junior:  $15.00 (Cannot hold office nor vote)


AGM 2019 Minutes
AGM 2020 Agenda
AGM 2020 Secretary Report
AGM 2020 President Report
AGM 2020 Financial Report

Upcoming Shows

Please see important notes below about show entries!

Upcoming shows:

The 4 x Alice Springs Kennel and Dog Sports Club shows to be held in October are now open on Show Manager. Please note the shows are on a Friday and Saturday night to avoid any hot weather. Camping close the grounds can be arranged with Blatherskite park.  Due to Covid-19 these are our clubs only shows for the year. We would greatly appreciate the support for those who can safely travel.


Enter on Show Manager.

Click here to download the current Territory Dog World Schedules Booklet.

Online entries

We offer online entries with Show Manager for all the shows listed above, including Central Australian Show Society and Tennant Creek & District Show Society.  See below for more entry information.

Schedules are sent to Territory Dog World once arrangements are finalised.  We are unable to produce official schedules until signed judges contracts have been returned to the club.

Important Notes about Show Entries

ASK&DSC offers, and recommends, online entries.  Online entries prevent many of the errors we have been struggling with for years, that were caused by incorrectly completed paper entry forms, and incorrect payments.

Remember, electronic entries lodged via Show Manager never get lost in the mail, and there is never a query as to whether or not you have paid!

Membership can be paid as "event extras", and member discounts will be applied automatically at checkout.  Please be aware of entry costs as per the schedules, and please make sure you pay the correct amounts.  Please also make sure you have paid membership before applying member rates discount, and if you are joining for the first time, please do not forget the $10 joining Fee.  Even with the aid of online entries, some have still paid incorrect amounts or claimed member discounts just because they could, without paying their membership fee and becoming members.  Making membership available with entries is a convenience we provide for our competitors, please do not abuse the privilege by putting entries through at member rate if you have not paid membership.  We are a small club and do not operate at a profit, and the Treasurer (me!) absolutely hates having to chase people for money.

Show Manager     Show Manager home page; Show Manager "Why Use Show Manager?" page.
If you have a Show Manager Premium Account, you can also print and email official entry forms, and print blank official entry forms.

If you prefer to mail your printed official entry forms to the club, please keep the following in mind:

  • In addition to the dog and owner details, please do not forget to complete the bottom left of the official entry form which provides a breakdown of fees paid.  When using electronic payment method, please (a) include an identifying Lodgement Reference on the payment made from your bank (some banks do not include your name on internet transfers- notably Westpac and Police Credit Union), and (b) send an email to ASK&DSC with a breakdown of money paid.  Entries for every show result in numerous queries due to missing information;  This is very frustrating for our Treasurer and Show Secretary and we all know it's not good to upset the officials...!  A huge thank you to those whose entries are error-free.  Online entries avoid most of these problems!

  • In previous years some competitors had their mailed entries returned to them as undeliverable despite the address on the envelope being correct.  We therefore try to contact all entrants by email or Facebook PM to confirm receipt of entries (again, online entries are guaranteed to reach the club thus avoiding this problem).  If you have entered any of our shows and not heard from us, please make contact to ensure your entries have been received.

  • If you are not using online entries, electronic payment directly into our bank account is Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club's preferred payment method.  There can be no dispute as to whether or not fees are paid, there is an easy and trackable record of payments and it will ensure you are not missed - if we find money with no matching entry forms we can chase up the entry forms.  Don't forget to put your name in the reference- Westpac and Police Credit Union in particular do not include your name on their internet banking transfers.


ASK&DSC has a Facebook profile which is updated frequently;  Click here to view, and please "Like" our page.  There is also an older Facebook page which is no longer updated, but where there are still numerous club photos published.  Click here to see the original ASKC profile and view photos.

Facebook is the best place to check for changes and/or updates to ASK&DSC events (because the Admin is so much more efficient than the Webmaster!!).  There are also so many lovely photos published there that it's well worth a visit.

Don't forget when browsing photos that Facebook's thumbnails only show the middle of the pictures:  when you open the photo you will see that the heads and tails are not actually cut off as they appear to be in the thumbnails!

ASK&DSC Website Updates

If you would like to be advised when this site is updated, please click this link to register for update emails.

When browsing you may not be looking at the most current version of the web page in your browser window!  Web pages travel through a number of servers on their way to your computer and many of these servers save their own copy of the page rather than go to the source every time:  use Control+F5 to refresh the page from its source and make sure you are viewing the current version.

Electronic Payments

Memberships, entries and other Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club Fees can be paid electronically directly into the Club's bank account.  Details as follows:

    BSB 035-303
    Account 100527

Please email Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club with the details of your payment so that we can identify it in the bank account.  Don't forget to put your name in the reference- Westpac and Police Credit Union in particular do not include your name on their internet banking transfers.

Please note:  The Club has (rarely) accepted a PayPal payment, but please be aware that PayPal take a fee out of these payments (approximately 5.6%), which means you will need to include sufficient money to cover the fee as well as your entries/membership.

About Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club

The Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club (ASK&DSC) is the oldest dog club in the Northern Territory.  We are a small club of dedicated dog enthusiasts who work hard together to ensure pure bred dog fanciers are able to enjoy showing despite our isolated location.

In July 2011 the club name was changed from Alice Springs Kennel Club Inc to Alice Springs Kennel and Dog Sports Club Inc to expand club activities and promote responsible dog ownership.  ASK&DSC believes that owning a dog is more than just breeding and showing, so attempts to include training and dog sports activities for the benefit of members.  Up-to-date information is posted to the ASK&DSC Facebook page regularly.

In recent years, ASK&DSC has succeeded in holding 20 Championship Shows per year and is also involved in running three shows for Show Societies.  This is quite an undertaking with limited entries and having to fly in and accommodate all our judges.  We are fortunate to have the support of a large number of regular interstate visitors, and several wonderful and generous sponsors, who help make it all possible.  Fundraising is also necessary in order to run these costly shows.

Our busiest time of year is July when six Championship Shows are held, followed by two in Tennant Creek (run by the Tennant Creed & District Show Society with help from ASK&DSC).  Entries in the Southern Leg of this run of shows increase every year, and a number of members continue on "up north" and compete successfully in the Darwin leg of the run.  Information on the entire July circuit (including the Darwin shows) can be found at

ASK&DSC is very proud to have wonderful club rooms and grounds, and have managed to obtain grants to rennovate the kitchen, completely replace the fence around the grounds and replace the clubhouse flooring in the past two years.  Our shows enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and our judges and many visitors are always pleasantly surprised by our facilities, Members and Shows.  Visitors are always warmly welcomed.

Many of our members travel interstate where their dogs place well at Specialties and Shows.  ASK&DSC members have many top ranked dogs in their breeds and groups, both in the NT and nationally.  What we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality!

Our website changes frequently.  This is, after all, the purpose of a web site:  a place to provide information as it becomes available.  Web sites are never "finished"!!  If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you find any errors that need correcting, please do not hesitate to email the Club at

ASKC's Old Website

This website is in the process of a major upgrade;  many pages are not completed yet - and the Webmaster keeps running out of time!  The old website still has some pictures and information that I feel are interesting and that we should not lose:  click here if you'd like to have a look.  However, please be aware that some of the links may be broken and may no longer work.  Just to add to the confusion, other links have now been edited to point back to pages in the new site, thus you may end up back here when you click them!

If you have any ideas for this website (things you don't like and/or things you'd like added), please email ASK&DSC with your suggestions.  If you find errors on the site, please email us and let us know so that they can be rectified:  websites are not static, nor should they be.  Rather, they are "living beings" with information that is continually changing.  All help and suggestions are appreciated!

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